Positivity for Peace

Talking about cultural diversity through the ages is Liona Hotta, a singer, musician and composer from Spain. She thinks that peace is primarily based on the principle of “live and let live”. We must also have basic respect and love for other people. She also makes a crucial point about how you can never make peace looking backwards. You have to be forward looking in order to make matters better. Live by whatever you’ve been educated to live by. This is her central philosophy.

Liona is an Israeli born is Asia to a Hungarian father, and a Romanian mother. She is married to a Japanese man. This has various racial historical connotations but Liona is a soul who does not discriminate against anyone, male or female, or based on their national or religious background.

In spite of being such a positive and optimistic person, she does face challenges. As a woman, she faces barriers in social interactions, and as an Israeli, she is subjected to prejudice. She grew up in a kibbutz community living set up, and has close ties with friends and family. She strongly believes in the power of spreading positive energy, and finds that it works with everything.

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