Cultural diversity enriches mankind and is a source of human creativity. Unfortunately, three quarter of world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension. National and ethnic identities are becoming visible symbols for mobilization in the political spectrum. In Northern countries super diversity has brought in new challenges and opportunities. Cultural diversity is also transforming the workplace in today’s transnational corporations. Respect for diversity and promotion of cultural pluralism is thus important for building a peaceful and inclusive world.

Keeping this in mind Diversity Beyond Borders was launched by Contact Base (www.banglanatak.com) is collaboration with the US Consulate General with a goal to create dialogue on celebrating cultural diversity and empowering youth leaders in Indo-pacific region to engage their peers and communities in action for promotion of cultural diversity and pluralism. Three theatre exponents from U.S.A namely, Raymond Caldwell, Ariel Warmflash and Matthew Reckeweg are the facilitators of the projects. 21 young artists and professionals from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and the U.S.A are actively participating in the project. In the next few month the participants will meet virtually to share ideas on cultural diversity. They will also learn the use of different cultural medium to explore the importance of diversity and inclusion.
The participants will come together physically to share their learning and observation.(https://youtu.be/bPUMWG4oFHg)