Against Typecasting: A Deconstruction of Prejudice in Society

The Peace Waves audio play is all about evoking and then dismantles stereotypes in a straightforward, iconoclastic manner. The old gentleman is disgruntled about the way the modern youth behave – but he is entirely biased, as though he has something personal against young people. He finds a suitable candidate for the tenancy, but rejects him out of pure prejudice against Muslims. He abhors a group of bikers solely on the grounds of being young. He labels them as a bunch of pleasure-seeking show-offs. However, when some miscreants break into his and his wife’s home, it is the same group of young bikers who step in and prevent the robbery with one of them sustaining injuries to his person. In the end, the old gentleman realizes that he has been wrong all along. He admits that he should not have misjudged all young people as irresponsible and inconsiderate.

This play shows us how prejudice based on social typecasting is an entirely negative attitude and is detrimental to varying degrees. We cannot, and must not try, to evaluate individuals out of preconceived notions about their social category. This only limits the positive potential of what humans can achieve.

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