Participants Profiles

Cristina M. Ibarra

Actor, playwright, and director

Cristina M. Ibarra, is a Pinay-American actor, playwright, and director from San Francisco, California. After graduating from Georgetown University with a B.A. in Philosophy and Theater, she worked with artists in Washington, D.C. and all over the world to create empathetic, challenging performance pieces. Her plays focus on Pinxy-American and immigrant experiences and were performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington and Maarte Theatre Collective in San Diego, CA.

Shruthi Vishwanath

Singer, Composer and Educator

Shruthi Vishwanath is a singer, composer and educator who explores intersections of classical and folk, visceral and intellectual through her music. She is known for her interpretations of poems by women. She has performed extensively across India and abroad. Her work on the women warikari poets was supported with a grant from India Foundation for the Arts. She also works with many communities and organisations to use music and the allied arts to build community, identity and foster critical change in different contexts.

Mousumi Choudhury

Chau Dancer

Mousumi is a leading woman Chau dancer, an art form native to Purulia in the state of West Bengal in India. By being the first woman to learn and perform Chau, a male bastion for ages, she is an inspiration for other girls learning the art. Born in Maldi village of Balarampur in Purulia, Mousumi started dancing Chau at the age of 10, learning the art from her father, Jagannath Choudhury, an accomplished Chau exponent. Mousumi is pursuing her Master in Arts post-graduation degree in Bengali from Sidhu Kanu University in Purulia. She works as a part time teacher at a local school and teaches Chau dance in her university. She has performed in Kolkata, Purulia and Jhargram and Norway.

Mithun Banerjee


Mithun Banerjee from Kolkata, is trained in Indian Classical dance form and Indian Martial art forms like Bharat Natyam ,Kathakali, Thang -Ta, Kalaripayattu and Mayurbhanj Chhau. He is working with some of the Dance Performing Groups in Kolkata as a Performer Choreographer . He strongly believes that to reah to people Art is the most effective way for it.

Nilansuk Datta

Percussionist, Music Designer and Rehabilitation Psychologist

Nilansuk Datta is a new age Percussionist, Music Designer and Rehabilitation Psychologist. Presently he is pursuing PGD in Rehabilitation Management and Performing Arts Therapy. He has learned Indian and Western Percussions from his childhood. He has composed music for renowned Theater, Short films, different themes in West Bengal and India.

Antara Raychaudhuri


Antara Raychaudhuri from India is a creative and performing aritst. She has a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature. Being the recipient of the National Scholarship in Classical Manipuri dance, she has performed in various programmes and festivals; won competitions; produced and choreographed dance theatres; organized seminars and workshops and had been the dance examiner of a renowned University. She had been a lead actor, a story and screen-play writer and an associate director in the Bengali television industry, working in tele-films, tele-serials, non-fictions, TVCs, corporate films, documentaries and short films. Presently she is associated with performative and digital storytelling projects. She owns an art shop/boutique since 2000, which deals with handcrafted clothing, accessories, lifestyle knickknacks and wedding trousseau. Recently she was honoured to be the first educator in Indian Mythology for the TED-ED platform.

Mir Lokman

Mime Artist

Mir Lokman is a mime artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. His passion is centered by pantomime. He has completed his Honours and Masters degree from the Department of World Religions and Culture, University of Dhaka. He has recently established the Institute of Mime and Movement and in 2011, a mime organization named Dhaka University Mime Action (DUMA) which is the most prominent mime society in Bangladesh now. He has volunteered and worked on vulnerable issues, nation demanding situation and for public awareness. His performance has been appreciated in various platforms including German Cultural Center (Goethe Institute), British Council, Alliance franchise de Dhaka, EMK centre etc.

Vijaya Karki

Theatre Artist

Vijaya Karki is a theatre practitioner in Kathmandu, Nepal since 2014. During her six year journey in theatre, she has been exploring several departments of theatre like Performance, Light Operation, Stage Management as well as Play Direction. After assisting two prominent theatre directors of Nepal in three remarkable theatre productions, she started her direction journey from 2019. Recently, she participated in Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2020 with two separate plays.

Kayla Warren

Student, Howard University

Kayla Warren is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is 20 years old and currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre at Howard University in Washington, D.C. In addition to musical theatre, she also has passions for choreography and teaching. With theatre, she aims to inform, educate, and enlighten audiences about stories that often go untold, specifically those of oppressed and marginalized groups. She believes theatre should be used to spark conversations resulting in social change. Theatre should leave an audience contemplating the story they just witnessed wanting to make a positive difference in some way; whether it is in themselves or in society.

Surabhi Sapkota

Theatre Artist

Surabhi Sapkota is theatre artist from Nepal since four years. Along with acting she loves to dance and write. Currently perusing her master’s degree in Social Work, she has always believed,that artists are responsible towards their community and also art is one of the best tool for intervention to any kind of social problem.

Sophia Early

Student, Howard University

Sophia Early is from Carroll County, Maryland, USA. She is a 3rd-year Musical Theatre student at Howard University in Washington, DC.

Yamin Rahman

Yamin Rahman from Bangladesh graduated from BRAC is currently working as a research assistant for a development project in an organization. He likes to read and reflect on various issues like - oppression of the indigenous communities, worldwide dominance of authoritarian regimes, etc. that threaten social harmony to a great extent. As an avid writer ("self-proclaimed" :p) interested in research work, he looks forward to attaining a decent scholarship abroad to pursue a postgraduate degree in Cultural Studies and make himself better prepared to ensure a more inclusive, just society.

Olivia Dorsey

Student, Howard University

Olivia Dorsey is from Los Angeles, California, and she is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Olivia is also into writing and directing musical theatre.

Deimoni Brewington

Performing artist

Deimoni Brewington is a third year student in the BFA Musical Theatre program of Howard University in Washington DC. Along with being a performing artist, he has volunteered and worked in several youth mentorship programs and initiatives for arts education.

Maliha Mohsin

Writer, Researcher and Community Organizer

Maliha Mohsin is a writer, researcher and community organizer living and working in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Most of my labor today is rooted in the arts and humanities, with a tendency to explore self-sustainable community spaces, focusing on matters such as labors of care and emotion, feminisms, queer histories, and decolonial reclamation of resources and space. She has years of experience in the contemporary art scenes as well as feminist-queer grassroots organizing in Dhaka.

Anup Neupane

Theatre Artist

Anup Neupane is a Theatre artist and a poetry lover from Nepal. He belongs to a remote village, Dolakha district of Nepal. It's a place with adorable natural beauty and cultural diversity. He grew up watching differences among people lifestyle and harmony between them. He has been doing Theatre since 5 years and has found Theatre as a reflection of society and an important tool for change.

Aakankshya Bhujel

Theatre Artist

Aakankshya Bhujel is a theatre artist. She enjoys performing from a young age. For her, theatre evokes, heals, helps touch base with realities, transports, transforms and more. She looks forward to making arts more accessible to children and young adults from different parts of Nepal with Palincha. She enjoys immersing herself in theatre through her current associations with One World Theatre Nepal and Kathmandu University High School.

Samapika Gautam

Art Enthusiast and Theatre performer

Samapika Gautam is an art enthusiast and theatre performer since three years. She recently completed my Bachelors degree in Journalism. Her love for community theatre and arts has introduced her to diverse lifestyles and experiences.

Nishanth Raj

Dancer, Dancerworx Academy

Nishanth Raj is a professional dancer working with The Danceworx Academy, Mumbai. He sees himself as a artist, a dreamer and a true believer of hardwork. He has received dual certificate of honor in Shaolin kung fu from Tagou Wushu school, Dengfeng, China. He has been acting and getting trained from IDEA under the guidance of Mr. Mujeeb Khan since September, 2019. Been a part of a movement based play directed by Mr.Viinod Rai. He is also learning different forms of martial arts including Wing Chun, Sanda, Qigong and Tai Chi. He also teaches Kung Fu since August, 2019 and is passionate about poetry, gymnastics, music and travel.

Sanjay Gupta

Theatre Artist

Sanjay Gupta is a young theatre artist from Lahan district in Nepal. Currently he is pursuing his Bachelor degree from Kathmandu and is also a student of Mandla Theater Nepal.

Fatema Reza

Journalist, Channel 24, Bangladesh

Fatema Reza works for a news channel (Channel 24) in Bangladesh as entertainment journalist since 2015. As a cultural reporter her job is to work with various fields of media and she is very passionate about it. Her goal is to spread positivity in our society through confirming access to information. She did her bachelor from University of Liberal Arts of Bangladesh (ULAB) on Media Studies and Journalism. Currently, she is doing her masters in Mass communication from ULAB.

Jhuma Biswas


Jhuma has completed her high school this year. She is currently preparing for her entrance in Art college. She is an artist and she loves to work on social issues like human trafficking and GBV.

Shubhajeet Sarkar

Student - IMS Ranchi, Jharkhand

Shubhajeet is pursuing MBA in finance from in IMS Ranchi, Ranchi University. He aspires to be a renowned actor and has also worked in several short films.

Arifa Rohman

Student - Tezpur University, Assam

Arifa is is currently pursuing post graduation from Tezpur Central University, Assam in Communication for Development (C4D) in collaboration with UNICEF – India. She likes working on human rights and wild life. She is currently working in a school in Tezpur to establish a media club to aware students.

Anil Gandharba

Founding Member, Gandharba Cultural and Art Organisation

Anil is a traditional musician from the Gandharba community of Nepal. He is also the founder member of the NGO, Gandharba Cultural and Art Organisation that works on safeguarding of gandharba music. He is a sarangi player.

Sujan Poudel


Sujan is a student from Butwal, Nepal. He is currently pursuing engineering from Pokhra University in Nepal. He is in an active member of the youth group of Namuna.

Sanjoy Mondal


Sanjoy is a bengali folk musician from Bangladesh. Currently he is pursuing his PhD from Viswa Bharati Viswavidyalaya on music.

Kamal Rawal

Social Worker, Rural Women's Development and Unity centre (RUWDUC)

Kamal has been active staff and valuable member of the NGO Rural Women's Development and Unity centre (RUWDUC)

Arijit Naskar


Arijit is a student and also works as a reporter with the JU Community Radio.

Sayan Das Poddar


Sayan is a student and also works as a reporter with the JU Community Radio.

Afia Pina

Program Coordinator, South Asia Centre for Media in Development

Afia is a student of Mass Communication. She has worked extensively in the social sector for promoting media literacy and the rights of youth. Currently she is the Program Coordinator of SACMID. She has been awarded with a couple of foreign scholarships on gender equality as well as journalism.

Stella Basu

Student - Diamond Harbour Women’s University, West Bengal

Stella is pursuing Master of Arts in Women's Studies from Diamond Harbour Women's University .

Rajesh Das

Student - Jadavpur University, West Bengal

Rajesh is a research scholar in linguistic at Jadavpur University.

Mou Biswas

Student - Diamond Harbour Women’s University, West Bengal

Mou is a student of Diamond Harbour Women's University and currently pursuing Post Graduation in Women's Studies.

Mouparna Guha

Student - The Heritage Academy, West Bengal

Mouparna is currently pursuing media science from The Heritage Academy.

Deep Bhattacharya

Student - The Heritage Academy, West Bengal

Deep is studying media science from The Heritage Academy

Dashrath Kumar Mahato

Student - Hazaribagh University, Jharkhand

Dashrath is a student at the Hazaribagh University. He is an activist and also students’ union leader.

Abira Barman

Student - Gauhati University, Assam

Abira is currently pursuing my Master of Arts in Women's Studies from Gauhati University.

Jaishree Changmai

Student - Gauhati University, Assam

Jaishree is currently a student pursuing Master of Arts in women's studies from the Gauhati University.

Gita Rasaili

Human Right Activist and Chairperson, Conflict Victims National Alliance (CVNA)

Gita is Human right activist currently fighting for justice for all victims of Nepal’s peoples war. She is the Chairperson of Conflict Victims National Alliance (CVNA) and works at Voices of Women Media (VOWMedia) as the programs head of Transitional Justice. She has been working on transitional justice for 12 years. CVNA and VOW Media together have been working to document people’s stories from the war.

Shahla Rodoshee

Assistant Director, Chabial

Shahla has a Master degree in film studies from the University of Kent. Shahla has directed few documentaries and short films on issues related to children and environment. She is working as Assistant Director at Chabial. In her free time Shahla enjoys writing poem-fiction, traveling and volunteering for social causes.

Nusrat Jahan Sakee

Theatre Activist, BITA

Nusrat works with Bangladesh Institute of theatre arts (BITA) on skill development and theatre. She works with youth group and children club.

Puja Purkait

Youth Community Reporter, JU Community Radio

Puja works as a reporter for a project called youth community reports project in Jadavpur University in association with UNICEF.

Devi Bhattacharya

Student - The Heritage Academy, West Bengal

Devi is currently studying media science from The Heritage Academy. She is also a theatre artist.

Palak Chokhani

Freelance Writer

Palak is a freelancer poet, writer and a happy being. With some of her works published, she writes Corporate literature and do creative communication writing. She was selected for the Professional fellows program in the US in 2015. She is an FM RJ and an MC.

Amit Dutta

Youth Community Reporter, JU Community Radio

Amit works for a project called youth community reports project in Jadavpur University in association with UNICEF. They work on social, mental, physical problems of the youth in general and try to address their issues culturally through different media like radio programs, outreach programs, short films, etc.

Roshan Kumar

Social Worker, Srijan Foundation

Roshan works with Srijan Foundation for the last 4years. He works with the SHG group, youth group, and children club. He works to bring economic empower, social empower and skill development.

Rajesh Kumar

Student - IMS Ranchi, Jharkhand

Rajesh is pursuing MBA in finance from in IMS Ranchi, Ranchi University. He is a hardworking, self motivating and dedicated team member. He also works to organize events. He aims to start his own organization on event management.

Felix Jnr. Akaho

Student - Tezpur University, Assam

Felix is a national of Ghana West Africa and a fellow of Indian Council for Cultural Relations. He is currently enrolled for Masters in Communication for Development (C4D) at Tezpur University, Assam.

Shaheed Ahmed Alomgir

Student - Tezpur University, Assam

Shaheed is a Social Work graduate from Dibrugarh University, Assam and currently pursuing Masters in Communication for Development from Tezpur Central University, Assam. He is passionate about right based communication and believes on through dialogue we can bring peace into the world.

Anamika Mazumder

Student - Tezpur University, Assam

Anamika is a Geography graduate from Dibrugarh University, Assam and is currently pursuing post graduation from Tezpur Central University, Assam in Communication for Development (c4d) in collaboration with UNICEF – India. She has conducted survey research on Menstrual Hygiene of adolescents in Tezpur, Assam and holds skills in Graphic designing, puppetry and street theater.

Ankita Dutta

Student - Tezpur University, Assam

Ankita is an Education graduate from Gauhati University, Assam is presently pursuing post graduation from Tezpur Central University, Assam in Masters in Communication for Development (c4d) in collaboration with UNICEF – India. She has conducted survey research on Menstrual Hygiene of adolescents in Tezpur, Assam. She holds passion in puppetry and photography.

Priyanka Bose Kanta


Priyanka Bose Kanta attended International Visitors Leadership Program on Women countering Violent Extremism and further for Young Connectors of the Future Program in 2015. She is a lecturer, Department of Law, University of Dhaka. Her passion for countering violent extremism led her to act in a short film on women’s role as agents of peace. The piece was filmed right after the Holly Artisan Bakery. It has been screened in 28 countries. While a law student, she interned at the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council.

Tasnia Khandaker


Tasnia Khandaker is global UGRAD alum and a student at NSU. During her participation in the Global UGRAD Program her professors gave her opportunities to speak to American students about Bangladesh and fundamentalism. She was selected by World Learning to speak in Washington D.C. to all Global UGRAD participants about tolerance. She shared her experience as a Muslim woman studying in the U.S. She was also an American Center panelist at International Women day in 2016 and spoke about promoting peace and tolerance. She was also a panelist at the 2017 PUAN conference.

Munif Khan

Chief Operations Officer

Munif Khan is the Chief Operations Officer at Techynaf and has a background of being the Business Manager of The Rampage - A Gallup Award winning high school newspaper of Southeast Polk High School, IA, U.S.A. writing blogs to promote Citizen Journalism and training professionals to be proficient in American English.

Mallick Arjoon Roy

Filmmaker And Creative Director

Mallick Arjoon Roy is filmmaker and creative director and largely work freelance around the circuit, moved a lot growing up, stayed in three different states through the course of his life. From making documentaries on the stratification of the LGBTQ+ community to short films on the nuiances of domestic violence, he has worked on a large spectrum of social issues largely related to gender based violence.

Shreyashi Burman

Human Right Activist

Shreyashi Burman is a human right activist. She is also actively involved in theatres and also writes scripts on social issues like gender discrimination and violence. She is also a youth leader and currently pursuing her Masters in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University.