Peace is worth our everyday effort

Felix is a national of Ghana West Africa and a fellow of Indian Council for Cultural Relations. He is currently enrolled for Masters in Communication for Development (C4D) at Tezpur University, Assam.

The article summarises the radio production work submitted by Felix, our peace waves participant from Assam, India. The actual work can be accessed @

In this episode, Felix used what can be termed as a hybrid radio production format; Musical talk show to engage his audience on the subject matter of peace, and what it means to him. Audience in between, are introduced to nice reggae songs from renowned musicians like Lucky Dube, Culture and Peter Tosh.

If what we work for is not peace, then it’s not worth our struggle!

In the words of the Noble Peace Laurette, Martin Luther King Junior, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Peace essentially is the absence of war. Regardless of how one sees or defines it, peace is essential for our normal everyday existence. Without it, there is no chance at the times and opportunities we desire for ourselves.

“Peace to me is the absence of violence. It comes in so many types. Regardless how you describe or sees it. Peace is essential for our normal day existence. Without peace, it is to be appreciated that most of us will not have theopportunity to the life and times we desire, and the kind of aspirations we have for ourselves…”

“…so, at a point in time, we all must contribute at least, a bit of our time, to any initiative that seeks to maintain the peace process across the globe.”

But can there be peace without an appreciation of equal rights; right to religion, freedom of association, movement?

“I don’t think so! Even as we talk of peace, it is relevant we talk about the appreciation of equality and justice for all…”

In our drive for a peaceful world, we must also endeavor to ensure the enjoyment of equal rights- and most importantly, the prevalence of justice everywhere.

If indeed we are peace-loving, we should have no difficulties with others enjoying their rights.

“if we can appreciate people for who they are, and not what they practice, I believe we can maintain the peace process…”

“we all have to know we are different in terms of what our practices are.  But the good thing is, we unity is in our diversity. We can’t all led our lives practicing a common belief…”

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