Peace resides within us

Amer Eltony formed a musical band named Mawlawiya in the year 1994 to safeguard Egypt’s Mawlawiya heritage. His idea was to create an artistic-spiritual ambience inspired by their rich cultural  endowment. His main aim was to achieve an audio-visual alternative to spirituality which he has gained through portrayal of their songs, dance and poetry on stage.

Elton’s view of peace is very humane as he believes that peace resides within us and to wake that we need to love all the men and all that makes up the world. It is through their performance on stage that they conveys the message of peace. Their songs should make the audience across the society feel what they feel inside them. This unites them from heart to heart which is more important to be spread kindness than anything else and this is what they are doing.

The growth of the virtual world which may seems to impact negatively today’s youth has a positive influence to Amer Eltony. Through media and social networking sites their concerts and performances are reaching to a whole new section of  people connecting them on a better level. Peace has a better future if today’s youth  love himself, loves his family, his country and consider all humans his brother.


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