Breaking Myths & Stereotypes

The world is more connected and people are better informed in today’s time because of the virtual world. Every place on the earth has its own traditions and cultures which often have positive impact but it has also been observed that there are many myths and misconception which may lead to conflict of ideas, values and thoughts. Our own life experiences and beliefs impact our actions and behaviors unconsciously. We often generalize people, customs, belief and region and that becomes the norm. Subsequently these norms take shape of strong point of justifications which we may term as myth or stereotypes. In recent context it is very important to debunk such myths and stereotyping which may lead to situations like gender based violence, communal conflict, and others.

Art For Peace

Art refers to anything created with imagination and intended to convey beauty and/or to express important ideas or feelings. Art, whether in the form of theatre, sculpture, fashion or otherwise, can serve as a means of expressing emotions, such as anger, confusion, happiness or sadness.
In addition to serving as an emotional release and form of decoration, art has been used, throughout history, to address social inequality and cultural oppression, political instability. Arts-based activities, such as theatre, dance, painting, yoga, and music have been used as a tool to foster positive behavioural change. As with sport, art is used as an entry point for peace building.