Truth Vs Belief

The 21st century has taught us to distinguish the truth from beliefs. The beliefs are truly weird. These beliefs when stagnated in the mind create myths and stereotypes. Although some people do not want to believe this. These people get the support of some other individuals or organized bodies. This is leading to major violence. We pledge every year to establish peace at religious centres and on the social media but it seems to be a vicious circle. 2018 seems to have surpassed 2017 with regard to instances of violence.

The need of the hour is thus to have greater dialogue to establish peace. It definitely is not going to be easy and requires patience. There will be opposition at every step. The individual freedom of individuals is being challenged. The primary attacks are with regard to free speech, gender and racial equality. This leads to the violation of basic human rights.

It is important to address the issues rather than not allowing people to assemble in groups. The change will obviously not happen overnight as it takes years for these myths to be ingrained in the minds of humans. We accept these myths to be a part of our day to day lives. In most cases it is difficult to get the point across but one needs to keep at it. There is no better way.

The pre conceived notions comes across as the biggest barrier. A lot of progressive thinkers too fall prey to the myths and misconceptions. Some of the educated class still believes in the caste system. Health workers are afraid of treating patients with HIV + due to lack of awareness.

The key to winning this battle against the myths is patience. They have to be repeatedly addressed. The initiative needs to start at an individual level to spread among people. Interpersonal dialogues need to start to have an impact on larger societal bodies. Only then can we gradually progress towards the truth which is far from the beliefs.


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