Words of Wisdom by the great musician Mario Lucio from Cape Verde

Peace is something we share. We may be at peace with ourselves but it is important to share it with people.  Peace is definitely not just the politicians’ prerogative. It is for every individual. A nation cannot be in peace if the leaders are not in peace. So we must make an effort to bring peace within ourselves.  The moment we are at peace we must share it with people. It multiplies creating a positive impact. With this a real network can be established. A small collective can grow into a community.

When I was awarded with the WOMEX Personality of the Year, I realized that I have a team of 13 but we never fight with each other, the reason being that culture unites us. We become ambassadors of peace as it is this energy we share with the world. The audience too imbibes this peace. Music and culture is a great way to bring peace. This inspires us to give it our best every time we are on stage as we are there with a mission.

It takes time to understand and discover ourselves. It is very important to have real interactions rather than virtual. People are losing patience due to so much information available at the click of a button. People need to utilize technology very diligently. People are becoming more individualistic with a lot of ego. This leads to suffering. It is thus very important to have real interactions.


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